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Blue Banded Agate Bracelet

Blue Banded Agate Bracelet

6.99 GBP
Blue Banded Agate has a soft, soothing elegance: like sky-blue waters released from winter's grasp. Its graceful, circular design has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. It is not a stone of protection, but rather of encouragement and support. Its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates. (Source)

This bracelet is made of 8mm faceted Blue Banded Agate rounds and is finished off with a cute little 'hand-made' charm. It's a one-of-a-kind piece of semi-precious jewellery which is so simple to wear.

The beads are threaded onto invisible elastic. Overall, the bracelet measures approx. 7 1/4" (18.4cm) in diameter.

Ideal for everyday wear, for layering, or as a special evening item - this bracelet is sure to become one of your staples -  and you can be sure that no-one else will have the same piece! Click here for a matching necklace.
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