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Semi-Precious Jade/Green Spot Wrap Bracelet

Semi-Precious Jade/Green Spot Wrap Bracelet

15.99 GBP
Jade as been valued for millennia by various cultures. Stronger than steel, it has been used for tools and ornaments in the past. Its name derives from the Spanish “piedra de ijada”, meaning stone of the side, as it was believed to cure kidney and hip problems.

This is a 4-wrap bracelet (meaning it will wrap around the wrist four times) with Butter Jade and Green Spot semi-precious stone rounds delicately threaded along dark brown 1.5mm leather thong. The bracelet is finished off with a beautiful antique silver-coloured metal shank button from Europe.

The wrap measurements are as follows:
Length:       30 inches / 76cm
Closure at: 28 inches / 71cm

Give your wrist that boho look!

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